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    Replacement Parts

Operating Voltage: 4.8 to 6.0 V DC

Rotation Speed (sec/60 deg):  0.14 / 0.17 (4.8 / 6.0 V)

Torque: (in-oz): 110 / 131 (4.8 / 6.0 VDC)

Current Drawn: 

Gear Type:  Metal (MP)

Bearing Type: Dual Ball Bearing

Motor Type:  3-Pole Fermite

Angle:  + - 60 deg

Dimensions:  1.59 x .77 x 1.48

Weight:  2.11 oz

Golden Skies R/C Aircraft Applications
CrossFire:  Ailerons, Elevator, Throttle
Bampf 3D Ex:  Ailerons, Elevator, Throttle

Falco F.8L:  Ailerons, Flaps, Elevator, Throttle, Retracts

What is in the Box

  •  Servo
  •  Mounting Hardware
  •  Control Horn Selection

Outline Drawing and Dimensions

A:  1.59"
B:  2.11"
C:  1.05"
D:   0.31"
E:  0.38"
F:  0.77"
G:  1.87"
H:  0.39"
I:  0.54"
J:  0.14"


The HS-5625MG is an excellent choice for applications requiring a fast standard size servos.  With a custom designed, programmable digital circuitry and Hitec's unique MP/metal gear train technology, the HS-5625MG will deliver powerful high-speed results.

Digital Servos provide:

A one (1) inch metal horn (R-ML) is included with HS-5625MG, which fits all Hitec standard resin gear servos that have a "+" stamped on top of the output shaft.

Golden Skies R/C recommends the HS-5625MG for Elevator and Aileron control on the CrossFire 320E, Bampf 3D Ex, Falco and Extra 300.

PN:   03060-35625S

Sale Price:  $ 54.99
In Stock
HS- 5625MG
Max. Torque (@ 6VDC):  131 in-oz Max. Speed (@ 6 VDC): 0.14s 
Prices not Guaranteed and subject to change.