Extra 260


Extra 260

Wing span: 49 in
Wing Area: 450 sq in
Length: 47-1/4 in
Weight: 37-42 Oz (accessory dependant)

Accessories (Not Included)
Engine: .Neo-10, Hacker30-14L Speed Controler: Thunderbird-56      Battery:    3S 2,100  mAh               Propeller:  12x6-13x6.5
                Servos:     1xHS-82, 3xHS-65                            (Hitec)           

Extra 260 : (PN:  03100-00030) Quantity: 1   ..........  $149.95     Sale 

Ep: Extra-260 ARF with Neo 10 Motor:    Quantity:  1 ............... $199.99      Sale



      Light Weight Balsa & Light Ply Construction
      Magnetic, tinted canopy hatches                                                                                                                                              
      Easy access to electronics through canopy                                                                                                                                   Quick and Easy Assembly
      Complete Accessories Included
      Plug-in carbon wing tubes
      Latest Structure
      Two Piece Removable Wings
      Exhilarating and Stable Aerobatic and 3D Performance


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