CrossFire 320E

True Sport, Pattern, Recreational Style and Performance

you have come to expect from Golden Skies R/C

60 2/s to 180 4/s  Fuel or Electric

The CrossFire-320E is a Recreational-Sports, Aerobatic ARF intended for the hard charging recreational flyer. Its outstanding stability, responsive performance, true to the line and long glide, will satisfy all intermediate to advanced pilots.  Convert between Tricycle to Tail Dragger with ease.

Its unique style generates attention !

Simply the Best Value in the Market !

The Golden Skies R/C Aircraft CrossFire 320E ARF is a super-smooth and brilliant acrobatic, IMAC, and weekend sport-flier that is intended for intermediate sport-flyers, or demanding IMAC pilots. Handling qualities are stable enough for a beginner yet agile and responsive for breathtaking Pattern Maneuvers which will satisfy the most demanding pilots.

     A 90 2/s or 120 4/s class fuel engine will rocket this AUTHENTICALLY STYLED 8-pound model anywhere in the sky. The CrossFire 320E will fly all pattern maneuvers and provide for nearly unlimited vertical performance on just a 60 2/s fuel engine.  The wing spans a full 64", with ample wing area, to slow to a crawl without tip-stalling or misbehaving. This versatile design is at home as a precise pattern-performer, or crank it up and any-speed, slow-to-fast, aerobatics are the CrossFire's true calling.  A universal engine mounting template fits any engine from a 60 2/s to 180 4/s is provided (without re-drilling the firewall, do it once and be done.).

      The distinctive sleek fuselage and fully symmetrical wing and tail fins distinguishes the GS R/C CrossFire 320E from the other imitations at the flying field and in the air. This ARF includes the best, high quality-after-market hardware, T6 aluminum gear, fiberglass cowl and wheel pants, fully symmetrical wing airfoils, pull-pull rudder. The assembly manual is virtually not needed as the GS R/C CrossFire 320E is highly pre-assembled for a Quick-Build, yet the manual includes more than 110 assembly pictures, so it is easy for a beginning builder.... 4-8 assembly hours is all you will need.

The CrossFire 320E is available directly from GS R/C

or your local hobby retailer.

CrossFire 320E     Specifications
Plane CrossFire 320E
Manufacturer Golden Skies R/C Aircraft, Inc. ™
Distributor Golden Skies R/C Aircraft, Inc. ™
Type Aerobatic Sport Flying, Free Style and IMAC
For Intermediate to Advanced Pilots
  Beginner to Advanced Builders
Wing Span 64"
Wing Area 779 sq. in.
Wing Loading ~23 oz /sq. ft (depends upon pilot selected equipment)
Length 60-1/8" (depends on Spinner used)
Control Surfaces 20 - 25% or Chord
Flying Weight 8-9.5   lbs (depends on Engine, Servos & Battery)
Engine Sport Flying 
60- 120 (2/s)  Fuel
  3D & Sport Flying
90 - 180 4/s  Fuel
3D & Sport Electric
AXI 4130, 7-8 S / 2 - 3P
(~ 2350 watts)
Construction Balsa, Light -Ply, Fiberglass
Radio 4 channels,  5 - Servos

The CrossFire 320E is Designed to be Superior to any other ARF in its class.

Check out each quality feature listed below to see how GS R/C has

Designed,   Produced,

Flight-Tested, and

Supports the best Recreational and Sport-Pattern ARF in the industry.

The CrossFire 320E-GS was featured on the Cover of RCM Magazine.

Features:   (click on each link below for details)

  o Fast Build

  o  Tapered Horz  Vert Stabs   o Full Sym/Tapered Wing

  o Quality Hardware

  o  Universal Motor Mount   o Wing Servos (2ea)

  o Aluminum Gear

  o  Large Control Surfaces   o Split Elevator Servos

  o Fiberglass Cowl

  o  Heave Wall Fuel Tank   o Pull-Pull Rudder or direct

  o Flexible Servo Placement

  o  Nylon Wing Bolts   o High Air-Bypass Cowl

POWER  OPTIONS:      The CrossFire is designed for either Glow, Gas or Electric

     Fuel or Gas:  GS R/C particularly favors the new YS 110 FZS 4/s Fuel. GS R/C OEMs both engines directly for Combo-Deals with CrossFire.  The YS 110 FZS (4/s) installed in the CrossFire 320E is extremely well suited for all-around flight performance whether for sport or 3-D flying.  Call us for Combo prices.  A universal engine mount, template for all fuel, a is provided.

     Electric:   The CrossFire 320E is designed with an optional custom electric motor-mount and battery-box combination.  GS R/C recommends the AXI-4130 out-runner motor and a 6-8 Series & 1-2 Parallel LiPo battery (~2200 Watts for Aerobatic-Sport Flying, and ~2500 Watts for 3-D).  GS R/C is your source for all electric components:  Motors, Standard or Custom Batteries Packs, Electronic Speed Controllers, Switches, Harness, and of course, Guidance and Support are free.  (Combo-Deals available)


Receivers, Batteries, Servos, Extension Cables

     GS R/C considers Hitec Receivers and Servos  to provide an exemplary value for the CrossFire 320E .  We discount the Hitec avionics flight pack, when ordered with any GS R/C ARFs by 5-10%.  The Avionics Flight Pack contains (or make up your own, special Flight-Pack):


CrossFire 320E

Sale:  $325.99

Tail Dragger Conversion Kit


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