There are no plastic parts in the flight control linkages, only solid steel components

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Steel Horns, Clevises, Cables

  •   Steel Control Horns with Nylon Bushing & "Quieter"
  •   Steel Clevises, with Spring Retainers & Locking-Nuts
  •   Steel Pull-Pull Rudder Cables, Teflon Coated

The Bampf's uses only high strength, steel Control-Horns, Clevises and pull-pull cables for the greatest longevity and the most reliable, consistent, and predictable flight performance.


  •   4-40 gauge, steel Push-rods
  •   Fine pitch thread for precise adjustments
  •   Locking-nuts to prevent loosening of clevises

Consistently predictable and positive Flight Control can only be achieved with solid and tight control linkages.  The Bampf's hardware assures solid flight control ........ GS R/C warrants it!

Solid, Adjustable Eng. Mounts

  •   Vibration Dampening, epoxy-glass mounts
  •   Adjustable to accommodate 602/s to 1804/s Engines
  •   Single mounting to firewall, no need to re-mount
  •   Stainless Steel, Hex-drive mounting hardware (SAE)

The Bampf's engine mount is very strong and vibration dampening.  Mount to firewall once and it easily adjust to 602/s to 1804/s engines and assists in alignment to cowl-spinner interface.

Fuel Tank

  •   Sturdy, Thick-Wall fuel tank
  •   Three I/O port for in-cowl refueling
  •   No leaking

The Bampf's fuel tank is an extra strong, thick-wall fuel tank that prevents leaking even under the pressure that pressure  pumped engines create; such as the YS-Performance 4-strokes.  The stopper fits tight and an extra large pick-up tube is provided.

Metal-pin Hinges

  •   "Zero-Insertion force", metal-pin Hinges for Ailerons
  •   Most Rugged and Reliable hinge available
  •   Easy Installation

The Bampf's ailerons hinges are rugged, reliable and help reduce the occurrence of flutter.  This is the type of hinge typically used on competition IMAC planes, but not generally found on planes this size.