The Golden Skies R/C Aircraft Bampf 3D ARF is a super-smooth and brilliant acrobatic sport flier that is intended for intermediate sport to advanced 3-D pilots. Handling qualities are stable enough for a beginner yet agile and responsive for full 3-D maneuvers

     A 60 - 90 class glow engine will rocket this UNIQUELY STYLED 7-pound model anywhere in the sky. A 110 - 180 4/s will provide unlimited 3-D performance. Its wing spans just 64", but with 932 square inches of wing area, this colorful sport model will slow to a crawl without tip-stalling or misbehaving. This versatile design is at home as a precise Pattern-like flier, or crank up the controls throws and any-speed aerobatics and 3-D become second nature.

      The distinctive foredeck and high air-by-pass cowl distinguishes the Bampf from the rest at the flying field. This ARF includes high quality-after-market hardware, T6 aluminum gear, fiberglass cowl and wheel pants, fully symmetrical wing airfoil, pull-pull rudder, and split elevators for either single or dual elevator servos. The assembly manual is 54 pages with more than 110 pictures, thus suitable for a beginning builder and also has a "fast-build-track" for advanced builders.

The Bampf 3-D Extreme is available direct from GSRC or your local hobby retailer.

Bampf 3 D Extreme Specifications
Plane Bampf 3-D Extreme®
Manufacturer Golden Skies R/C Aircraft, Inc. ™
Distributor Golden Skies R/C Aircraft, Inc. ™
Type 3-D, Free Style and Aerobatic Sport Flying
For Intermediate to Advanced Pilots
  Beginner to Advanced Builders
Wing Span 64"
Wing Area 936 sq. in.
Wing Loading 20-21 oz .sq. ft
Length 60-1/2" (depends on Spinner used)
Control Surfaces 25 - 40 %
Flying Weight 7.5 - 8 lbs (depends on Engine, Servos & Battery)
Engine Sport Flying 
60 - 90 (2/s)
  3D & Sport Flying
110 - 180 (4/s)
3D & Sport Electric
AXI 4130-16, 6-8 S / 2 - 3P
(~ 1850 watts)
Construction Balsa, Light -Ply, Fiberglass
Radio 4 channel, 5 - 6 Servos (6 w/spilt elevator)

The Bampf is Designed to be Superior to any other ARF in its class.

Check out each quality feature listed below to see how GS R/C has

Designed,   Produced,

Flight-Tested, and

Supports the best ARF in the industry.

The Bampf was featured in AMA-Model Aviation Magazine "WORTH A CLOSER LOOK", April /2006 issue.  Look for Product reviews to appear soon in you favorite model magazine.


  o Fast Build

  o  Tapered Horz  Vert Stabs   o Full Sym/Tapered Wing

  o Quality Hardware

  o  Universal Motor Mount   o Wing Servos (2ea)

  o Aluminum Gear

  o  Large Control Surfaces   o Split Elevator Servos

  o Fiberglass Cowl

  o  Heave Wall Fuel Tank   o Pull-Pull Rudder or direct

  o Flexible Servo Placement

  o  Nylon Wing Bolts   o High Air-Bypass Cowl

POWER  OPTIONS:      The Bampf is designed for either Glow, Gas or Electric power

     Glow:  GSR/C particularly favors the new YS-110 FZ (4/s). GS R/C OEMs the YS-110 directly from YS-Performance® for Combo-Deals with either the Bampf 3D or CrossFire 320E.  The YS-110 is extremely well suited for all-around flight performance whether for sport or 3-D flying.  Call us for Combo prices.  A universal engine mount, suitable for a 60 2/s to 180 4/s, without changing the firewall mounting bolts, is provided.

     Electric:   The Bampf 3-D is designed with a custom electric motor-mount and battery-box combination.  GS R/C recommends the AXI 4130-16 out-runner motor and a 6-8 Series / 1-2 Parallel LiPo battery (~145o Watts for Aerobatic-Sport Flying, and ~1850 Watts for 3-D).  GS R/C is your source for all electric components:  Motors, Standard or Custom Batteries Packs, Electronic Speed Controllers, Switches, Harness, and of course, Guidance and Support are free.  (Combo-Deals available)

See Flight Video


Receivers, Batteries, Servos, Extension Cables

     GS R/C considers Hitec Receivers and Servos  to provide an exemplary value for the Bampf 3-D and CrossFire 320E.  We discount the Hitec avionics flight pack, when ordered with the GS R/C ARFs by more $20.00.  The Avionics Flight Pack contains:

Part Number 10066-00000

Bampf 3D Extreme

Sale:  $299.99

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