Falco F.8L ®

" The Ferrari of the Air "

Scale 1/4 Scale (26.7%)
Wing Span 84"
Wing Area ~ 1098 sq in
Length 69.7"
Weight ~ 13-15 lbs (depends upon Equipment used)
Height 23.4"
Engine - Fuel (Nitro) 1.8 - 2.2 ci  (29 - 36 cc)
Engine - Gas 2.24 - 3.05 ci   (40-50 cc)
Landing Gear Tricycle, with Retracts
Radio , Servos 4-5 Ch,  5-7 Servos

    From the day it first flew in 1955, the Falco has been called "the Ferrari of the air".  This Italian design is sleek, strong, agile and very fast.  The two, side by side  seats , each with its own control sticks are covered by the famous bubble canopy.

    A superb aerobatic plane, the Falco is  graceful ballerina in the sky, All pattern and IMAC maneuvers are a flick of the sticks away.  The agility is astonishing, and the handling is legendary.  Controls are light and precise and after a few aerobatics the comparison to a jet aircraft is inevitable.

    The Falco is strong, aerobatic certified and handles loads that would easily break other models.

The Falco's Proven Engineering puts it in a class by itself.

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Falco History:  http://www.aldini.it/history/history1.htm

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