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    Replacement Parts

Operating Voltage: 4.8 to 6.0 V DC

Rotation Speed (sec/60deg):  0.18 /0 .15 (4.8/6.0VDC)

Torque: (in-oz): 69 / 83  (4.8/6.0VDC)

Current Drawn:  3 mA to ~ 500 mA

Gear Type:  Karbonite

Bearing Type: Dual Ball Bearing

Motor Type: 

Angle: + 60 degrees

Dimensions:  1.56" x 0.77" x 1.52"

Weight:  1.83 oz

Golden Skies R/C Aircraft Applications
CrossFire:  Ailerons, Elevator, Throttle
Bampf 3D Ex:  Ailerons, ELevator, Throttle

Falco F.8L:  Ailerons, Flaps, Elevator, Throttle

What is in the Box

  •  Servo
  •  Mounting Hardware
  •  Control Horn Selection

Outline Drawing and Dimensions

A:  1.56" 
B:  2.09"
C:  1.07"
D:  0.491"
E:~ 0.395"
F:  0.77"
G:  1.87"
H:  0.394"
I:  ~ 0.535"
J:  0.132"


The Digital HS-6635HB represents the ultimate collaboration between performance and price. The HS-6635HB is preferred among sport and pattern pilots with greater holding power and rotation precision owing to its digital circuitry. 

The HS-6635HB is the preferred DIGITAL servo for the Golden Skies R/C " CrossFire 320E, Bampf 3D Extreme and Falco F.8L ARFs. , with its digital precision and strong Karbonite gears.  Karbonite gears are typically four (4) times strong than standard nylon gears, and offer greater durability than found in common servos.

The HS-6635HB has a greater array of heavy duty horns and arms than found in its analog brother the HS-635HB.

The HS-6635HB is suitable for all aircraft weighing less the twelve (12) pounds.  GS R/C exclusively fly's the HS-6635HB in our "60-120" size aircraft.

PN:   03060-36635S
Sale Price:  $47.99
In Stock
HS- 6635HB
Max. Torque (@ 6VDC):  83 in-oz Max. Speed (@ 6 VDC):  0.15 sec
Prices not Guaranteed and subject to change.