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    Replacement Parts

Operating Voltage: 4.8 to 6.0 V DC

Rotation Speed (sec/60deg):  0.19 / 0.15 (4.8/6.0 V)

Torque: (in-oz): 250 / 330  (4.8 / 6.0 VDC)

Current Drawn:

Gear Type:  Titanium, (MK first gear)

Bearing Type: Dual Ball Bearing

Motor Type:  Coreless

Angle: + - 60 deg

Dimensions:  1.57" x 0.78" x 1.45"

Weight:  2.29 oz

Golden Skies R/C Aircraft Applications
CrossFire:  N/A
Bampf 3D Ex:  N/A

Falco F.8L:  Retracts, depending on mechanical retracts

What is in the Box

  •  Servo
  •  Mounting Hardware
  •  Control Horn Selection

Outline Drawing and Dimensions

A:  1.57"
B:  2.08"
C:  0.32"

D:  0.42

E:  0.38"
F:  0.78"
G:  1.87"
H:  0.39"
I:  0.58"
J: 0.14"


Evolved from the popular powerhouse HS-5955TG servo, Hitec's best servo got a lot better.   The  Digital HS-7955TG has increased benefit with Second Generation (G2) programmable digital circuitry. The G2 circuitry has twice the resolution of the original circuit while adding programmable overload protection.

The HS-7955TG has been designed for the most demanding aircraft load applications including the largest 150 cc gas aircraft.  Incorporating the industries first Titanium gears,   333 in-oz torque at 6.0 volts, is achieved in a "standard size servo case.  All the motor power is harnessed with the incredibly strong and wear resistance gears, two strong hardened steel gear pins, and axial brass bushing in the servo case.

Programmable Features Include:  Dead Band Width, Direction of Rotation, Speed of Rotation (slower), End Points. Neutral Points. Fail Safe On/Off. Fail Safe Point, Resolution* (default is high resolution), Overload Protection* (default is off)

PN:   03060-37955S

Sale Price:  $ 114.99
In Stock
HS- 7955TG
Max. Torque (@ 6VDC):  333 in-oz Max. Speed (@ 6 VDC): 0.15 s 
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