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If you're beyond your second plane, you deserve a real airplane, one with a full symmetrical tail. The CrossFire is an ARF you FLY, not just "stick-&-rudder" around. The ARF includes complete 'after-market' quality hardware .... a $35.00 retail value.  To see why the Golden Skies CrossFire is superior to the standard ARF kit, click the individual features and see why GSRC is the new quality leader for ARF models.
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Pilot Skill Level
779 sq in
14" MAC
Full Sym.
23 oz/sq ft
7-8 lbs

Quality Hardware Throughout:

Golden Skies does not use the typical plastic conrol hardware, wooden or flimsy wire push-rods that are often too brittle to ‘Z-bend’ found in the majority of ARF kits. Rather Golden Skies provides full “After-Market” Quality Hardware. The total retail cost of this hardware typically exceeds $35.00 (USD) not to mention sales tax* and the cost of a trip to the hobby shop. We save you that extra trip, time, and frustration by not having to use inferior hardware.

(* California residents who purchase via the net pay sales tax or where other State laws apply)

All Control Horns are metal with Nylon inserts for quiet and smooth operation. All Clevises are not only metal but are made with solid interlocking fingers in the tube area where the control rod is screwed in. This prevents deterioration of the threads, loosening of the push-rod and potential catastrophic results to your highly valued model.

The Rudder’s Pull-Pull system uses high quality wire with metal locking tubes and knurled, counter-locking nuts. This is the most positive and consistent control you will ever experience with your rudder function. The pull-pull wires are pre installed for you for optimal alignment with the servo and rudder horns. Since these two wires cross and run straight between the servo and control horn, there is no false, bi-directional pull and this prevents a soft-rudder or rudder fading in higher stress, rudder controlled maneuvers.

The Engine Mount is a two piece, “120-size” epoxy glass system that allows for full adjustment to the engine size and style of your choice. Thus you may mount a 2-stroke as well as a 4-stroke with equal ease.

The Fuel Tank is a full 16-oz (450 ml) tank with good sealing rubber stoppers. This is not one of those ‘off-brand’, and paper-thin tanks you have been asked to accept as “standard” ARF hardware.

The control surface Hinges are zero-insertion force composites with metal hinge points. These are the easiest to install and the most reliable hinge style and also significantly provides for reduced opportunity for flutter. Golden Skies would not try to get you to use inferior CA-type hinges.

The Spinner is the type that uses metal bolts to secure the spinner the spinner-back plate. This is not one of those “snap-on” type of spinners. It will not detach when applying that extra force from the starter-motor needed on those bigger engines.

Fast Build:

Fast building comes from three elements:

  1. More of the ARF is pre-assembled for you. 
      Here are a few but all of the things GRSC has done for you:

  • Pre-trimmed and color matched Cowl
  • Pre-trimmed Canopy
  • Pre-installed control “rods”, ….no ‘fishing’ the rods through the finished fuselage on your part. (ex: Rudder, nose wheel, throttle)
  • Servo ready slots in the wing
  • Strings left in the wings to pull-in your wing-servo wires.
  • All Blind-nuts are pre-installed. Firewall, wing, etc.              

  2. Higher quality parts are used

  3. OraCover® for heat shrinkable and re-shrinkable covering.


Full Symmetrical Tail:

If you want smooth flying and a more aerodynamic lifting surface on the tail, then you need a fully symmetrical, airfoil tail. This is the only way to fly a 60-size and larger RC model airplane. Why rely totally on the wing for the aerodynamic lifting functions. A tail moment that is induced by a true lifting force rather than a brute force mechanical function is not only smoother, more responsive, but a lot more fun to fly. You don’t see “slab” tails on real aircraft ….. Do you?

Full Symmetrical Wing:

  Well this one should be obvious. One wants the same and most important predictable response and function during inverted flight as when up-right. No inverted surprises (heart stopping terror ….. or crashes) from unpredictable inverted flight response. You’re not going to fly up-right and circles forever, are you? Get inverted, do some 3-D and have some fun.

Firewall Strength:

Golden Skies may be the first ARF manufacturer to warrant the static firewall strength. You do not want the firewall to fall out as we all have seen on too many ARFs. Therefore, Golden Skies R/C will warrant to strenght of the firewall.

Golden Skies would like to find a way to warrant the firewall under normal engine vibration; however, we all get in a hurry and often forget to balance our props or to take other vibration reduction precautions. Therefore, for now the warranty will be for the static pull strength at the time you purchase our ARF kit. See the full product warranty for details.

Please let us know your thoughts in this area as we believe in Continuous Quality and Process Improvements (CPI), and GSRC values your views, so email or call Golden Skies and let us know.

Double Tapered Wing:


Ever wonder why a full size aerobatic airplane has duel tapered wing? Well, here are some, but not all of the advantages:

1. Built-in pseudo-dihedral even though the wing has zero-degree-dihedral along the wing center-line. This pseudo-dihedral gives a measure of roll stability. The Golden Skies’ CrossFire 320E wing is thicker at the root than at the tip. That is, it is tapered equally on the top and bottom from the root to the tip. The ‘slope’ (2.4 Deg) of this taper (downward on the top surface and upward on the lower surface), in effect provides for a pseudo-dihedral and thus the stability, and it is the same ‘stability’ whether in upright or inverted flight since the taper is symmetrical.

2. By tapering the leading edge rearward and the trailing edge forward, this produces a pseudo-elliptical wing shape. An elliptical wing shape moves the stall point further out toward the wing tip that would otherwise be experienced with a rectangular wing shape (Think of the British Spitfire wing shape …… ever wonder why it was such a good “dog-fighter?”). With the stall-point further toward the tip, you keep more of the wing flying during turns and thus avoiding the dreaded stall. (Think of it as increasing the area of the wing’s sweep-spot).

Tricycle Landing Gear:

Well let’s face it. Tail draggers can be and often are very screwy during taxi and take-off. Even experienced pilots sometimes have difficulty with taxi and take-off. Golden Skies has provided the CrossFire with a more benevolent tricycle gear configuration. The tricycle gear also saves you from propeller and cowl damage during those less than perfect landings. Nevertheless, Golden Skies stocks extra replacement cowls for your convenience. Finally, better ground control helps prevent errant takeoff accidents and testing your liability insurance …… something you don’t want to do.  Nevertheless, if you want to convert the CrossFire into a taildragger, GSRC has a conversion kit.

Pull-Pull Rudder:

Pull-Pull rudder control hardware provides for the most positive rudder control possible. Push rods always have some flexure resulting in soft and under-responsive control. If you want, and you will, to do aggressive maneuvers, then positive rudder control is a must.

Pre-Installed Control Hardware



Too many ARFs have been covered in a non-shrinkable material. As the humidity changes, so the dimensional stability of the balsa and the covering will sag. One must be able to shrink and re-shrink the covering to prevent those ugly wrinkles. Finally, one will want to be able to repair “dings” or crashes and you need to be able to find compatible and color matched, heat shrinkable covering at your local hobby dealer. OraCover is the supplier of UltraCoat ® which is typically readily available in the USA.

Nylon Wing Bolts:

  A full sized airplane as well as a model should not be made totally rigid. Metal wing bolts are overly strong for the application and add unnecessary weight. A Nylon wing bold is more likely to shear during a benevolent crash, thus increasing the propensity of saving the wing and fuselage wing mount area from catastrophic damage.


Flight Performance:


From the initial flight of the prototype, the performance was awesome and exhilarating.  The prototype built-out in perfect balance as predicted by the Computer Aided Design (CAD) program and we began aggressive maneuvers almost immediately.  The design proved out to be agile and quick, yet as smooth and quiet in the hands off mode as one would ever want.  If you want to 'take a breath', just release it and let it go.  Its glide ratio was greater that expected and making the field with a dead-stick was easy.  This is due to the convex fuselage shape (incidentally more expensive to build, but surely worth it) and the wing & tail airfoils and the overall sleek design.  

Intentionally designed for dual rates, proved to grant the stick response suitable to a beginner as will as the "brave-at-heart."  For the brave, the roll rate was heart stopping and the track was true.  With aileron wing servos, pull-pull rudder and tail mounted elevator servo, the control and response was absolute going into and coming out of any acrobatic maneuver.  What a joy.

The CrossFire 320E is simply an ALERT aircraft.

The CrossFire 320E is bound to be legendary

The CrossFire 320E is destined to be Legendary
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