Below is the suggested pilot skill level needed to fly a specific Golden Skies R/C Aircraft.
This is the minimum skill level and the aircraft can be flown and exceedingly enjoyed by more advanced pilots.


Pilot Skill Symbol
Pilot Skill Level Description
Student Pilot: Pilot requires the assistance of an instructor.
Beginner: Able to take off and land in both directions, do loops, rolls. In control most of the time, moments of anxiety.
Intermediate: Beginner skills, plus able to perform many   fundamental maneuvers and some acrobatics.
Advance: Able to assist other students and beginners. Acrobatic competent and able to make the aircraft do what you want.
3-Dimensional: The airplane is at your full control and will.  Rolling-loops, spins, hammer-heads, torque-rolls, OK

Pilot Skill Level Designations