Golden Skies R/C AIrcraft, Inc. ™

Warranty Statement

Golden Skies R/C Aircraft (GSRC) warrants the ARF to be free from defect in both materials and ARF assembly workmanship for six months (180 days) form the date of purchase and terminates upon the first flight of the ARF. GSR/C warranty does not cover the whole or any component parts thereof damaged by use, mis-use, modification, or crash of the ARF plane. GSRC warrants the firewall to withstand a static load of thirty (30) pounds in the direction of the thrust line where the load bears upon the engine-mount attachment hole-blind-nuts as installed by GSRC. Any modification to the firewall, firewall mounting area or the engine-mounting nuts voids the warranty.

In no case shall Golden Skies R/C Aircraft be liable for the effect(s) of incidental, consequential, direct or indirect damages as the result of the use or flight of the ARF product.

The warranty is limited to the original ARF purchase amount and shall not exceed that cost and explicitly excludes the cost of shipping and handling, additional ARF and R/C radio components either installed in or used to construct the ARF that are not included in the original ARF kit.

The GSRC warranty is not transferable under any circumstances.