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Hi Lee

The plane arrived, and the construction is amazing.   ARF’s of this build quality are few and far between. The covering is all done perfectly, the wood work is clean and straight. You are definitely working with a good factory.

I am thinking a YS 110 or 120 for power on the CrossFire, we should have it flying within a month. We are going to try to do a review on the CrossFire for RC-Universe.

Josh G     Sacramento, CA   TOC

Hi: Golden Skies R/C:

Nice kit, best I have seen of the ARF’s yet. Good Job.

Lane J   Bloomington, Indiana

Golden Skies R/C Aircraft:

Received my two CrossFire’s today in good shape, and they are the best ARFs I’ve seen to date. Really good prices on servos too, I will be calling you to order some. Can’t wait to get one of the CrossFires in the air. ……… Well keep up the good work and talk to you soon.

Ed P    Greeley, Colorado.


Just wanted to let you know that I received my Crossfire 320E today. The quality of the workmanship is excellent and the parts are going together nicely! If this plane flies as good as it looks and builds, I will be a happy pilot!!! Will keep you posted................ I flew the Crossfire 320E for the first time Sunday and it did not disappoint. It is a very stable ship and easy to see due to its size. I am very happy with the quality of the workmanship. The other flyers at the field really like the color scheme, too. Keep up the good work on quality and I am sure your company will be a great success. I will also check your website from time to time to see any new plane offerings

Jim  M      Murphy, NC

Hello Golden Skies:

The plane looks beautiful and the construction is excellent.

Thank you for your help,
Wayne  T
Manchester, MD

Golden Skies R/C

The CrossFire is really a great ARF airplane. I inspected the CrossFire with my customer and I believe it to be 100% better than the ARFs we have carried thus far. The covering is a heck of nice job and was perfectly tight right out of the box. The CrossFire is constructed very well … solid, straight and true.

The assembly manual was very complete and included several control surface throw configurations for all possible flying styles and abilities.

The CrossFire’s hardware is the best hardware we have seen. example: 4-40 pre-cut to length push-rods and aluminum hub wheels and much more.

This is one pretty ARF airplane.

J S      Mountain R/C Hobby        Cascade, MT

Golden Skies R/C

The parts fit was excellent and I did not have to change any of the supplied pieces or the their alignment when assembling, no adjustments were necessary. The hardware package was excellent, and as advertised.... a great value. I like the extra attention to the manual and the additional information included. I have not seen any tendency to tip stall, even at stall speeds!

B G,   Costa Mesa, CA.

Hi Lee,
I bought one of your Crossfire ARFs at the Tucson Aerobatic Shootout a couple of
months ago and wanted to send you a short note on how much I have enjoyed the plane.
It flies great and is one of the best looking aircraft at the field. All that have
seen it are saying the same
. I only have 10 flights on it, am having engine
trouble, but all has been very enjoyable. Your comment about dead stick landings
in the instruction manual came in handy the last time I had it out. The engine quit
as I was pulling out of a low speed pass down the runway. I didn't panic, as stated
in the manual, and made two 180 degree turns to put it on the runway into the wind.
I received a round of applause from the other people there.

In summary, it is one of the best looking and flying planes I have flown.

Thank you!
Gary A
  Sahuarita, AZ