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GS R/C offers a range of accessories for Pilots to complete GS R/C aircraft.  The accessories are also ideal for any current build or repair, regardless of vendor model type.  We sell only the highest quality parts and accessories which meet or exceed the best After-Market Hardware Quality available anywhere.

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Accessory Description / Type
Batteries, Rx / Servo 4.8 - 6.0 VDC; 600 mAh & up Details
Batteries, Transmitter (Call) 7.2 V to 9.6V DC Details
Batteries,   LiPo (Call) Single Cell and Multi-Series and/or Multi-Parallel Details
Clevises Steel, 4-40 Gauge, Locking Nuts Details
Control Horns Steel, Nylon Bushing "Quieter's" Details
Electric Motors Electric Motor Powered Flight Details
Engine / Motor Mounts Heavy duty, Fuel or Gas, 3-port Fuel Tanks Details
Extension Cables, Servo Extension Cables, Multiple Lengths, Y-Connections, Etc. Details
Fuel Point™ - "Dots", "Plugs" Fuel Points (Gas "Ports" for filling Tanks) Details
Fuel Tanks Clear, Heavy Duty Fuel Tanks Details
Fuel Tubing, Gas Gas Fuel Line (Flexible Tube) Details
Fuel Tubing, Silicon High-Temperature, Silicon Fuel Tube (Nitro-Alcohol-Caster Oil) Details
Landing Gear Spring Shock Landing Gear, Tail Wheel Gear, Aluminum Mains, Wheel Pants Details
Pilot Figures Variety of Sizes and Types Details
Prop-Nut Adapters Adapts Crankshaft to Spinner Bolt Details
Props Full APC line (Gas & Electric) Details
Pull-Pull Rudder Hardware Steel, Teflon Coated Wire, Clevises, w/ Locking Nuts Details
Push Rods Steel, 4-40 Gauge, Threaded Details
Switches, Receiver /Battery / Servo Super Switch, w/built-in charger slot Details
Receivers Hitec, Entire RCD-Hitec©  Receiver Line Details
Servo Extension Cables 4" to 60", All Connector Types Details
Servo Extension Cables Gold Plated Contacts, 4" - 48", Y-Connectors 4" - 12" Details
Servos Hitec, Entire RCD-Hitec© Servo Line Details
Spinners Solid Aluminum, Prop-Nuts Details
Transmitters Hitec, Entire RCD-Hitec© Transmitter Line Details
Wheel Pants Fiberglass, Painted.  Mounting Hardware Details
Wheels, Super Wheels Spun-Aluminum Hubs, Soft Rubber Tires Details

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