Clevises - Steel

Simply the best clevises available for 40 to 120 Size and 50 cc Aircraft.  Solidly threaded for 4-40 push rods with a steel locking-nut to prevent movement of the clevis.  A steel safety spring is provided to keep the clevis solidly closed on the control horn.  Set of five (5).



Control Horns - Steel

GS R/C's Steel Control Horns utilize a Nylon bushing to separate the clevis from the horn for a mealy frictionless connection and one that is "Electrically Quiet".  These horns are suitable for 40 to120 Size aircraft as well as 50 cc models regardless of the engine type (Gas, Fuel or Electric.   In Set of Five (5).   PN: 

$ 6.00

Push-Rods - Steels

The 4-40 gage, steel push-rods come in lengths of:   and are pre-threaded to fit 4-40 threaded clevises.  Super strong for stability and precise control surface movement.  This is no flexing in these push-rods so aircraft control is precise and instantaneous.  Set of three (3); 1 ea 4.75" to 5.5" and 2 ea ~ 3-1/4"



Pull-Pull Rudder Control Hardware

The pull-poll set consists of four (4) steel clevises and teflon coated steel cable for precise and extremely firm rudder control. Suitable for any size aircraft under eighteen (18) pounds.



Fuel Tank - Heavy Duty

This fuel tank, with extra strong walls, can withstand the rigors of highly pressurized engine pumping systems, such in countered with the YS-Perform ace® Engines.  The tank is generous sixteen (16) ounces and support a three (3) port (tube) flow system.



Engine / Motor Mounts

The solid composite mounts are suitable for gas or primarily "Fuel" engines form 40-180 size; either two or four stroke.  The mounts are adjustable and a single mounting on the Firewall, they can be adjusted for a 40 to 180 size engine, without the necessity of removing and relocating the Firewall bolts.



Golden Skies R/C produces the very Best in "After-Market" hardware, including:

      •   Stainless Steel _ Clevises
      •   Stainless Steel - Control Horns
      •   Steel - Push-Rods
      •   Fuel Tanks - Heavy Duty
      •   Engine Mounts - Adjustable
      •   Steel Pull-Pull Cable for Rudder Control